Australia: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Immigration Updates – December 2020

Travel restrictions to Australia
Australia’s International borders are currently closed. The only people who can travel to
Australia are:

  • Australian citizens
  • residents
  • immediate family members
  • travellers who have been in New Zealand for the previous 14 days.

Learn more about who can enter Australia from the Department of Home Affairs.
Quarantine People arriving in Australia may be quarantined for 14 days and might have to comply with
other state and territory travel restrictions.
There are quarantine exemptions for some industry workers. See here.

Health screening
Travellers arriving from any country may be health screened when they arrive in Australia.
If you are on an international flight and show signs of an infectious disease:

  • the airline must report you to biosecurity officers
  • biosecurity officers will assess you before you get off the plane
  • when you land you may be quarantined or sent to a hospital

Exemptions to travel restrictions
Australian citizens and Permanent Residents

There are no restrictions on Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents (PR) to enter
Australia. They are however subject to a 14 day self-isolation period.

New Zealand Citizens
New Zealand citizens who are ordinarily residents in Australia are not restricted from
entering, but they will need to show proof of residency such as a drivers licence or other
documents showing an Australian address. They are however subject to a 14 day self-
isolation period.

Temporary Residents/Visitors
You may be able to travel to Australia with specific permission only if you are:

  • an immediate family member of an Australian citizen or permanent resident or are a
    New Zealand citizen usually resident in Australia. Partner and Child visa holders do
    not need to apply for permission.
  • Foreign nationals travelling at the invitation of the Australian Commonwealth
    Government for the purpose of assisting in the COVID-19 response or whose entry
    would be in the national interest
  • Critical medical services, including air ambulance and delivery of supplies, that
    regularly arrive into Australia from international ports Persons with critical skills (for example, medical specialists, engineers, marine pilots
    and crews) by exception
  • Diplomats accredited to Australia and currently resident in Australia, and their
    immediate family
  • Case-by-case exceptions may also be granted for humanitarian or compassionate

You cannot travel until you have been granted permission.

If you wish to apply for an exemption, please contact us to discuss your circumstances or
book a consultation.

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Travel restrictions from Australia

There is a ban on all overseas travel, unless granted an exemption.
Exemptions to travel restrictions from Australia

  • people ordinarily resident in a country other than Australia
  • airline and maritime crew and associated safety workers
  • people engaged in the day to day conduct of outbound and inbound freight
  • people whose travel is associated with essential work at offshore facilities and
  • people travelling on official government business, including members of the
    Australian Defence Force.

Travellers who believe they meet a travel restriction exemption can apply online to the
Commissioner of the ABF.

Travel restrictions are subject to change. Visit the Smartraveller website regularly to check
for international developments.

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